About Us

Mobile App for Brand-focused Restaurants

Brand-focused restaurants pride themselves in the quality of their food and service, we pride ourselves in the quality of experiences we create for restaurants and their guests. 

We help restaurants and cafes with a fully customized mobile app to help them increase their revenue by improving their brand image and creating customer engagement. We make the ordering process easier for their customers, speed up the process of order pickup/delivery and reduce the workload of their staff. They’ll save time and money and keep their customers happy and loyal.

Our Philosophy

If you are a brand-focused restaurant, you take pride in the quality for your food and the service you provide to your guests. We too take pride in the quality of the digital experiences we can create for our customers, you! 

In today’s competitive landscape, restaurants are competing not only with other restaurants, but also with many food ordering services that are out there. These services not only take a high commission for their service, they steal restaurant’s loyal customers. They also own the customer’s data. 

We believe the customer data, which is the most valuable asset, belongs to restaurants and that’s why we help restaurants build their own branded app and with features such as mobile ordering, payment and loyalty programs to keep and grow their loyal customer base. 

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Simple, Flat-Rate Pricing

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1 Location

$ 199
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$ 299
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3 Locations

$ 399
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4 Locations

$ 499
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