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How to Successfully Launch Your new Mobile App

Building a mobile app solution for your restaurant or cafe is just the first step. What you need to do after that, is to successfully launch the app and promote it to your customer base. After-all, having an app that nobody uses will be waste of time and resources you put into building that app.

6 Steps for Creating a Successful Rewards and Loyalty Program for Your Restaurant

Having a loyalty and rewards program is an important growth strategy for restaurants and cafes. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profit by 25% to 95% based on research done by Bain & Company. Plus, highly-engaged customers buy 90% more often and spend 60% more per transaction (Rosetta Consulting). Having a rewards and loyalty …

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Top Features for Restaurant Apps

Top Features for Restaurant Apps

Restaurants are now investing in apps for better customer experience, increase in sales and customer loyalty along with reducing manual labour. As of last year, Starbucks has made $5.7 billion dollars in sales last quarter and 30% of those are accredited to their app according to GeekWire. That is a huge increase of their sales …

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