Menu Import - Preparing your Excel File

This video explains how to create your menu in an excel file that can be imported into your app using the import tool in the Craver Admin Panel. Your Craver account manager will provide you with a template that you can work with to create your menu. 

If you are using one of the POS providers that Craver is integrated with, your menu will be imported from your POS by our team. If Craver is not integrated with your POS, you can use the excel file to prepare your menu and upload it into the app. 

The excel file needs to be created in a specific format that the video will explain. If the file is not in the proper format, the import will not be done successfully. You’ll also need to ensure that all fields in the excel file are properly filled so that the menu can be uploaded properly into the app. 

Please note that with every new import, the previous menu will be over-written in the app and you won’t be able to undo that action. You may wish to export your current menu first to make sure you have a copy of it in case something goes wrong with the import. 

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